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About Us
The long chain of N.S.S Educational Institutions spanning the length of Kerala manifest the philanthropy and foresight of the late Bharath Kesari Sri. Mannathu Padmanabhan, the renowned founder of Nair Service Society. An institution of academic and cultural excellence, HHMSPB NSS College enjoys the prestigious position of being the only women’s college among these centres of learning.

This college, affiliated to the Kerala University, started functioning in Perunthanni in 1950 as a second grade college and was upgraded in 1957.

In 1971, the college was shifted to the present campus at Neeramankara, a bordering village of Thiruvananthapuram city. It is named after Her Highness Maharani Sethu Parvathi Bai who was the first lady Pro Chancellor of the Kerala University. She was also a promoter of the women’s welfare. The college is thus dedicated to the ideal of educating and empowering women and achieving higher social status and esteem for women.
The college community comprises of the Principal,70 eminent teachers and 40 administrative staff and 1846 students. Out of 70 teachers, 2 are post doctoral fellows, 35 are Ph.D holders and 19 have M.Phil degree. 6 teachers are involved in active research. There is one UGC funded ongoing major research project and 5 minor research projects. 8 teachers have international recognition. All activities of the college are supported efficiently by the administrative staff headed by the Sr. Superintendent and a very active PTA.

In this college, we strive to teach the best classes. provide latest the best teachers. encourage creativity. provide perfect learning experience and consistent support. Our mission is to continue the tradition of superior teaching to help our students refine their already existing skills their family and there by the Society.

The college has carved a niche of its own in curricular and cultural excellence. Accolades come to the college every year in the form of ranks in examinations and prizes in cultural and athletic meets. In the year 2009, the college bagged 1 first rank, 1 second rank and 6 third ranks in the examinations held by the University of Kerala. The College stands out in the fields of cultural events as well and is the proud alma mater of many former ‘Kala Thilakams’ like Raji Gopala Krishnan, Karthika Gopan & Cine artists like Vindhuja Menon , Sreeja, Praveena and Sithara. The supremacy of the college in Volleyball, Ball Badminton and Cycling stands unquestioned.
The college prospers with the good will and the patronage of the public and the help and guidance of the Nair Service Society. We hope to scale higher peaks in future with absolute dedication and determined efforts and with the blessings of our esteemed founder, the late Padmabhushan Mannathu Padmanabhan